This is Singapore – “Singapore Snaps” Aims to Revive Precious Memories

SG Snaps

SG Snaps saves your memories by providing free digitising services for your old photo albums

By Li Yen
Epoch Times Staff

Can you remember the good old kampong days? Do you still recall your school day memories? Your first MRT train ride when it began operations in 1987? The dog-tired days when serving your National Service? Or the moments of exultant joy you felt at a National Day celebration?

Sadly, human memories fade, and it is an inevitable, natural part of life – and so are old printed photographs stacked and hidden in our drawers. And the best way to reminisce the good old days in Singapore is to preserve them.
Proposed by the National Library Board, Singapore Snap is a relational art project seeking to chronicle life in Singapore in three animations.

Led by a graduate of the School of Art, Design and Media from the National Technological University (NTU), artist Tan Wei Keong, together with fellow artist and project Engagement Facilitator, Samantha Tio, they are set to engage Singaporeans in a shared project aiming to preserve their personal memories.

Award-winning Singaporean animator Tan Wei Keong was stirred by the fragility of memories and the innate human need for preservation.

Printed photographs like human memories are vulnerable to time, and will fade away as they age.
Photo prints are made by chemical dyes and they are sensitive to light, moisture, and changes in temperature. As time goes by, colour photos start fading away and turn yellowish as the chemical dyes deteriorate.

Without proper care to preserve these sentimental photos, nostalgic memories are bound to be lost.
Therefore, to retain and preserve Singaporeans’ memories, a collection of personal photographs will be set up in booths located at four National Libraries across Singapore.

SG Snaps will help to save your memories by providing free digitised copies of your old printed photos.
To participate, simply submit your old photos albums to the booths for digitisation. In exchange for the contribution to SG Snaps’ “photo bank”, complimentary photograph digitising services are offered.

Each contributor can submit any number of photos for digitising, but a minimum of 20 photos are required.
The photo collection period starts from May and ends in August, and 10,000 photos are targeted.

Tan Wei Keong, Artist Lead, will review all the photos and select the images that he is able to use for the three animations.
All images shortlisted for the animations will first seek the approval of the contributor before they will be used in the animations.

Join SG Snaps and contribute to this significant project that binds Singaporeans together.

SG Snaps is part of the Singapore 50 (SG50) celebrations, and the animations created using the contributed photographs will be screened to the public during the National Day 2015 celebrations.

The time and location of the booths are listed below:

Main booth:
Central National Library, Level 1
21 May – 27 July, Wednesday ‐ Sunday, 12pm – 7pm

Neighbourhood booths:
1. Toa Payoh Public Library, Level 2
14 May – 1 June, Wednesday – Sunday, 12pm ­ 7pm

2. Bukit Merah Public Library, Level 1
11 June – 29 June, Wednesdays – Sundays, 12pm – 7pm

3. Geylang East Public Library, Level 1
9 July – 27 July, Wednesdays – Sundays, 12pm – 7pm

For more information about Singapore Snaps, please visit its website at or its Facebook page at

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