Singaporean Designer – Islean Valath: ARC Fall Winter 2014 Collection


Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 490, July 4 – July 17, 2014)

By Ang Xue Er
Epoch Times Contributor

Singapore-born Islean Valath has always been fond of making things, from personally making a variety of headpieces for her friends, to designing her own office wear.

She then realised that she did not just admire fashion, she wanted to start her very own style kingdom. That’s how she became the Founder and Designer of ARC.

So why ARC? Fascinated with architecture, inspired by how it represents a woman’s curves, she has explored various ways to accentuate and flatter a woman’s figure. Nonetheless, it eventually became the driving force behind her collections.

Using only a few bold and simple colours on hand and a combination of techniques such as double-tones, peepholes, panels and inserts, ARC allows a woman to embrace her distinctive shape and feel confident while doing it!
So to all ladies, have confidence, straighten your back, head’s up, look forward as pulling off Islean’s designs would be an outright accomplishment!

The ARC Fall Winter 2014 Collection from a non-fashionista’s point of view:

Women ain’t weak, men watch out and Islean knows that! Her tops grants women this braver and masculine impression by making shoulders frames jut out. We can be the pillar of support and be independent too.

Conquering on, tilt your eyes down: undoubtedly following her style on fashion, her skirts meticulously accentuates a woman’s s-curve outline. However, here comes the twist, so what’s beneath? The flares at the end of the skirts and modish baggy pants bring out the secrecy behind femininity and conceal unwanted flaws powerfully.

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