Local Designer Angela Lim: Ange Révolte pre-fall 2014 collection—Metaphor


Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 493, Aug 22 – Sept 4, 2014)

Epoch Times Staff

Ange Révolte is the brainchild of Angela Lim, a Singapore celebrity stylist who fell in love with beauty and fashion from a young age. Though earning a stable income with Citibank in private banking, she felt something was missing, and left her job to pursue her passion for fashion. In 2011, she started her first brick and motar store ‘Mode La Vie’ in Haji Lane. Her own label Ange Révolte arrived shortly.

Her new pre-fall 2014 collection, Metaphor, plays with bold contrasts in monochrome, which gives off a powerful vibe. It represents the destructive battle of human to choose between good and bad.

Why is your fashion label called ‘Ange Révolte’?
Révolte = Rebellion. I am creating a spirit of rebellion against ephemeral trends. Fashion is ephemeral, but I aim to create creative but classic pieces that can be worn throughout the seasons and styled with ease.

How would you describe your design and brand? What sets your brand apart?
Ange Révolte is designed for the woman who is modern, sophisticated, powerful, yet with a certain dark personality. I look to structural, tailored and classic pieces that are a bit edgy and go against ephemeral trends. Expect intricate details and exquisite finishing for the overall look.

What’s your personal aesthetic? What excites and inspires you?
I like clean lines and body conscious silhouette. Creative but simple enough to be worn everyday. I love to experiment with contrasting fabrics, structural, soft or even leather at times in my designs.

What are your favourite colours to work with and why? What kind of women do you design for?
I like to work with contrast colours. They are bold, edgy and modern just like women now. Women now are powerful, sophisticated and they know what they want. I design for women who are not followers.

What are the clothing staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe?
A classic LBD & a pair of comfortable black pumps

As a mother of two young girls, is it tough managing your business while taking care of your daughters?
When I had my multi-label shop, it was hard to manage between work and family. But now, I keep my weekends with them. They play a very big part in both aspects of my fashion career, and I hope eventually I can leave a legacy for them.

Do you think there is a market for Singapore’s fashion labels? Would you like to see a change in the Singapore’s fashion industry?
It is not easy, but it is not impossible. It would be good if Singaporeans are more supportive of our own local designers’ labels.

For more information about Angela Lim and her label Ange Révolte, visit www.angerevolte.com.

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