Mooncakes – The Gift of Tradition


Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 494, Sept 5 – Sept 18, 2014)

By Li Yen
Epoch Times Staff

One of the most important holidays for the Chinese, the Mid-Autumn Festival, falls on September 8 this year.

Traditionally on this day, family members and friends gather together to admire the moon and savour mooncakes and tea, while the kids play in the gardens carrying their lanterns.

Mooncakes are usually round, and they symbolise family reunion, harmony and good fortune.

Packaged beautifully into exquisitely-designed boxes, these novels mooncakes are prefect gifts for our loved ones and business associates.

Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are a wide selections of pretty and luxurious mooncakes on sale.

From traditional baked mooncakes, snowskin mooncakes filled with luscious fruits and nuts, Chinese tea infused snowskin mooncakes, artisanal mooncakes baked with the craftsmanship of French patisserie, to vegan and sugar free mooncakes for the health- conscious, there will definitely be a flavour that you can look forward to.

Mid-Autumn Blooms at Pan Pacific Singapore

Do you fancy fruity, nutty and floral scented mooncakes? If you do, the four new innovative flavours of snowskin mooncakes crafted by Chef Lai Tong Ping of Hai Tien Lo restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore with please your palate.

These four refreshing flavours include the subtle aroma of Melon Seeds with Oolong and Chrysanthemum, the citrus sensation of Hazelnuts with Honey and Grapefruit, as well as the heavier blend of Almonds with Custard and Longan, and the Pistachio Nuts with Osmanthus and Chinese Herbs for a slightly salty choice. (S$60 for a box of 8 pieces).

Not forgetting Hai Tien Lo’s signature Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin mooncakes, one of the most popular choices among the patrons. (S$68 for a box of 8)

In addition, Hai Tien Lo offers a selection of traditional baked mooncakes varieties which include the White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk or Single Yolk, the nutty treat of White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts and the lighter flavoured Traditional Mixed Nuts with White Lotus Paste. (Prices range from S$58 to S$64 for a box of 4)

For orders and enquiries, please call 6826 8240 or visit

Silk Road Mid-Autumn Treasures at Amara

Singapore’s Silk Road Restaurant, located at Amara Singapore, offers patrons an ensemble of meticulously handcrafted snowskin and traditional baked mooncakes in their bespoke mooncake gift collection.

Some of its all-time favourites include the mini snowskin Mao Shan Wang Durian, which wows diners with its generous filling of velvety durian pulp (S$66 for a box of 8), and the Yuzu Truffle—a delicious combination of citrusy Japanese yuzu and melt-in the-mouth chocolate wrapped in delicate snowskin (S$59 for a box of 8).

Amara’s Silk Road Restaurant also presents four traditional mooncakes baked to golden brown perfection, in the exclusive flavours of Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seed, Plain White Lotus Paste and White Lotus Paste with Single or Double Yolk.

Be sure to be enticed by its Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seed mooncake, which is a blissful marriage of nutty melon crunch and roasted aromatic black sesame (S$61 for a box of 4).

Silk Road mooncakes are elegantly packaged in exquisite golden gift boxes with intricate floral motifs representing the Chinese traditions of reunion, love and harmony. These lovely golden boxes are perfect gifts choices for business associates as  well as loved ones.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6227 3848 or email

Poetic Mid-Autumn at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The Shang Palace at Shangri-La Hotel showcases oriental gift boxes with sophisticated Chinese embroidery, housing snowskin mooncakes infused with premium jasmine tea from the high mountains of Sichuan province; oolong tea painstakingly handpicked from the famous Wu Dong peak of Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong; and highly-prized 18-year-old pu-erh tea handharvested from Yunnan, China.

These poetic tea creations— the Mini Snow-Skin Snowy Flake Mooncake (Jasmine Tea), the Mini Snow-Skin Phoenix Supreme Mooncake (Oolong Tea) and the Mini Snow-Skin Imperial Consort Mooncake (18-year-old Pu-erh Tea) are novelties for tea lovers (S$66.35 for a box of 8).

Each mooncake is filled with lotus seed paste, with a cooling tea jelly centre encased with decadent chocolate. The tea leaves give the petite mooncake a sweet fragrance and are hearty nutrition for the body and mind.

On top of that, Shang Palace offers patrons a choice of baked traditional mooncakes stuffed with white lotus paste and salty egg yolks.

For orders and enquiries, please call 6213 4448/4473 or email

French-inspired Mooncakes by Antoinette

Are you a connoisseur of fine French desserts and pastries?

If yes, be intrigued and delighted by Antoinette’s artisanal mooncake collections, which are a must-try this Mid-Autumn festival.

Antoinette’s luxurious traditional baked mooncakes, mini snowskin mooncakes and Macaron Lunar creations are brought to you by award-winning Chef Pang Kok Keong.

Each box of their pretty Mini Snowskin Mooncakes contains eight petite snowskin mooncakes encased with various oriental fillings mixed with ingredients from French patisserie. These include Pandan Kaya with Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Seaweed with Southern Almond, Osmanthus Marble with Goji Berry, Water Chestnut with Corn, Chestnut with Marrons Glaces and Dark Chocolate Lotus Paste with Crunchy Chocolate Pearls. (S$54.50 for a box of 8)

Antoinette’s snowskin mooncakes are elegantly embossed with the restaurant’s motif—a portrait of the French Queen that the restaurant is named after. These petite mooncakes are a beautiful sight to behold, and an absolute delight on the palate.

The Macaron Lunar is another innovative creation not to be missed. A marriage between classic French pastry and Chinese tradition fillings, these baked macaron shells are sandwiched with low sugar white lotus paste and a rich salted egg yolk, and are perfect selections for the French connoisseur (S$19 for 6 in a limited edition box).

Antoinette’s French- inspired mooncakes are packed in elegantly designed vintage collectible tins. The exquisite tins are a wonderful choice for those who prefer a classy gift.

For orders and enquiries, visit or Antoinette Restaurant at 30 Penhas Road.

Vegan, Sugar-Free Mooncakes by Delcie’s

Are you a committed vegan or a health-conscious individual who worries about mooncakes containing too much sugar?

If so, Delcie’s offers a guilt-free choice with its vegan, gluten free, low suger and sugar-free mooncakes, which are eggless and do not contain any dairy, alcohol or animal by-products.

Their diabetes-friendly and healthy flavours for this year include the Sugar Free White Lotus paste with Black Sesame mooncake, the Sugar Free Pandan paste with Salted Mung Bean mooncake, the Low Sugar Protein-packed Mixed Nuts mooncake, the Low Sugar Sweet Potato paste with Taro mooncake and the Gluten Free White Lotus with White Sesame mooncake.

Thanks to Delcie, vegan, diabetics and gluten allergic patrons can still indulge in a healthy mooncakes feast in the joyous gatherings with their loved ones this Mid-Autumn Festival.


Mix Healthy Mooncake Box: S$88, 4 pieces per box

Low Sugar Mooncake Box: S$78, 4 pieces per box

Sugar Free Mooncake Box: S$98, 6 pieces per box

Gluten Free Mooncake Box: S$98, 4 pieces per box

For orders and enquiries, please call 9789 2309, or or email to

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