‘Optimise Your Positive Energy’ with Selina Seah



Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 501, 19 Dec – 1 Jan, 2015)

By Li Yen
Epoch Times Staff

“Auras and Chakras are not magic and there aren’t new discoveries,” says energy alchemist Selina Seah, who teaches people to optimise their ‘energy’ using chakras and auras, in order to gain more success in their life.

Auras are fields of luminous energy that surround a person and they contain various colours. The auras of our body can be visible with an aura scanning technology known as an aura video station, which aids in our exploration of the ‘invisible’ energies.

In Hindu tradition, it is believed that there are seven chakras (energy points) located at the crown (top of the head), brow (between the eyes), throat, heart, solar plexus, spleen or navel and root (at the end of the spine).

By studying colours of the auras on each of the chakras, Selina will then advise her clients on the areas of their life – whether it is their emotional, intellectual, physical and/or spiritual level(s) – which need to be improved.

“By understanding what is holding them back, people will be able to unblock the obstacles that is blocking their success. Having mastery of our energies will motivate us to reveal some highlights in our future life and take us on a more complete journey to a more fulfilling life,” she shares.

“My works have given me amazing experiences and added inspirations to help and share with more people about the energy inside them. I am honoured to have received many testimonials and positive feedback from people in Singapore and around the globe about their success stories,” she adds.

A mother of two daughters, Selina hopes that through The Aura Chakra Company, she can educate people to understand their energy or emotion blueprint. She believes that by creating positive and good energies, the people around us will benefit and in turn be influenced, thus making this world a better place where positivity is a way of life.

“The Aura and Chakras have nothing to do with magic except that maybe it can work magic in your life,” she enthuses.

Besides providing Aura Chakra advice, the sought-after consultant and speaker is also an author of the popular energy alchemy book ‘The Invisible Power – The 9 Powerful Laws of Highly Successful People’. She is also the publisher of the ‘Alchemy Abundance’ magazine.

How did you come about starting your Aura Chakra Consultation and business?
Co-founder of ‘The Aura Chakra Company’, Vincent Oh, and myself have the honour of bringing to Singapore and Asia the ground breaking technology of an aura scanning technology from the United States and share this technology with thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

The aura scanning works in a simple and non-invasive way by using bio feedback technology, which transfers your natural body temperature into the bio-sensor of the aura scanner.

Within seconds, you will be amazed by the ‘live’ images of your aura energy and your very own chakra system and the journey begins…

By reading a person’s aura and chakras, we can determine areas where they are suffering from energy deficiencies and blockages that are leading them to feel disconnected from themselves.

What is the invisible power you have mentioned in your book?
Since ancient times, human beings have always craved for power. I strongly believe that energy = power. The noted genius, Albert Einstein once made a statement that every living entity is actually moving energy. That is so true!

Another respected and esteemed person is Dr David Hawkins, who, like Einstein, also believed in the power versus force theory. They believed that the laws of vibration can lead to success if properly controlled and manoeuvred. This literally means that any energy within your body can be “redesigned” according to the amount of control you are able to exercise over it.

Dr Wayne Dyer has always reiterated that we, as human beings, do not attract what we want and instead we attract what we are! Therefore, if you want to be able to attract positive things into your life, you have to learn how to master channelling positive energy into everything, from your thoughts to your actions. Positive energy comes from positive emotions.

Keeping this basic concept in mind, my aim is to help everyone understand that there is a link in our energy blueprint and the way our lives unfold.

I hope for everyone to understand that through conscious manipulation of auras and chakras, it is possible to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Thus, in my book, the Invisible Power is referring to our energy fields around and within us which are really our aura and chakras.

For yourself, how do you remain motivated everyday?
By having the ‘attitude of gratitude’. Being human, it would be superficial to say that I’d always have 24/7 abilities of motivation day in day out. There are times, I’d also feel stretched and tired. Times like that, my gratitude list is the biggest ‘inspire me’ power tool.

As we rush through our life, our success and even our issues…it is so easy to forget what we ‘already’ have in our life. We take them for granted – our parents, partners, children, friends and more so, our time.

When we spend time pursuing our goals and success, we should also be smiling and celebrating the ‘now’ that we’ve got. I’m very grateful for my wonderful family support and love. Seeing my daugthers Victoria and Vera grow up healthy and happy is simply a gift.

It’s important to make our gratitude greater than our success! This way, one gets more than motivation…it’s become inspired living!

You transform your clients and boost their motivation and inspiration, and lead them to success and happiness. Who taught you all that?
I’ve experienced my fair share of ups and downs, and I guess the saying “when going gets tough, the tough gets going” has its truth. To me, what you respect will move towards you; what you disrespect will move away from you. It is very important to respect our self-worth.

During my personal difficult times, I had the amazing good fortune to have incredible people who have helped me. Without them, I would not be where I am today. It was their motivation, their good advice and emotional support that was
really priceless. I have learnt a great deal of humility, gratitude and the power of belief from the people who have helped me.

And over the years, I had great mentors and have the privilege to be guided by amazing books that have constantly shaped my thoughts.

In recent years, I had the good fortune to have been guided and taught by great ‘gurus’ who have enriched my spiritual growth. As an intuitive and an energy sensitive, I try my best to transform the knowledge of ancient wisdom into modern science. I’ve been blessed to be able to reach out and successfully connect with many people, especially the younger generation.

I believe we are all work in progress, and with my clients, they have also been my biggest teachers.

I thank them for trusting me enough to share and consult with me their life issues. And by helping them, I have learnt that knowledge remains just facts until it’s applied.

Seeing my clients improve and overcome their difficulties gives me more motivation and confidence to continue to learn more, share more and serve more.

What is the aura? The chakra? What is its relationship with energy and success?
Some people refer to the aura as a halo surrounding an individual, maybe something like an invisible cloud. In actual fact, auras are energy fields that surround a person.

Most people can’t see their aura or the auras of others but there is usually an intuitive feeling that can give you an idea of a person’s general aura. Take for example a happy person. His or her aura will be bright and welcoming, which is usually clearly seen in the way they behave, interact with others, the colours they favour, and so on. Every colour that is found in auras depicts a different meaning. For example, a bright yellow aura could be interpreted as the individual being highly inquisitive and pretty smart, with a logical mind. A green and purple aura, on the other hand, would usually mean a spiritual and compassionate person.

Auras are rather fascinating as these energy fields are intertwined and can be affected by circumstances, other stronger auras, emotions, and your general health.

If you are in the company of someone with a very strong aura, the energy field this aura is creating will cause other auras to shrink, which is probably why people who are charismatic usually find themselves almost always in control of their surroundings and others. They seem to naturally attract others, but this is really the work of the strong and powerful aura that they possess.

By understanding the aura colours, you will have a much greater understanding of your connections with your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself. It’s self-discovery of a very powerful personality blueprint that you will eventually achieve when you learn how to manipulate your aura by injecting colours into it as and when needed. Your aura can work as a positive influence over a particular situation or in your everyday endeavours, according to your intentions and desires.

Inside everyone’s body is an energy field which anchors itself in one particular and specific place. This is called the chakras. Different aspects of your life are represented by different coloured chakras.

Chakras have different colours representing different aspects of an individual’s life.
When your chakras are in harmony, you would naturally be harnessing the ‘Invisible Power to attract Success’.

In order to understand the complexities of success, you must first accept that your well being is not something that is only related to your physical form or manner. Holistically speaking, success is harnessed and magnified when all levels work in harmony, meaning the physical, the mental, emotional, and the spiritual aspects of your life.

What are the secrets for living life to the fullest?
To me, to ‘LIVE is to GIVE, to GIVE is to LIVE’: Give more Love, Give more Imagination, Give more Value, Give more Energy. Live with Gratitude, Live with Integrity, Live with Vitality, Live with Empathy.

Life is a Gift, when we master the balance created between yourself and the universe. Balance creates wholeness and stability.

We have to understand that our birthright is Happiness and to give Happiness is our purpose. That’s when we live life 200%: 100% physical life (material, wealth, etc)
and 100% spiritual life (mental aspect of life, love, gratitude, etc).

For more information about Selina Seah, please visit her website at http://www.selinaseah.com.

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