Pioneer and Trailblazer of Singapore’s Music Scene: An interview with Mr Lee Yuk Chuan, a conductor, composer and musician


At the age of 83, Mr Lee Yuk Chuan still leads an active and fulfilling life. A cancer survivor, he continues to conduct choral performances at the Esplanade, and he still teaches violin classes. But Mr Lee’s story is more than the average active senior’s story.

Mr Lee is a pioneer of Singapore’s music scene, and he has devoted himself to developing local music for the past half a century. For his significant contributions and impact, Mr Lee was awarded the Meritorious Award by COMPASS in 2000, and the Public Service Medal in 2001. Currently, he is the President of the Singapore Choral Association and the Honorary Chairman of the Association of Composers.

In an interview with Epoch Times, Mr Lee shares his journey as a conductor, composer and musician, and the fascinating insights he has drawn from his musical journey.

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