Epoch Inspired Talks—Infinite Ways: A Journey into Classical Music

WATCH the video:


Variety is the spice of life, Dr John Sharpley strongly believes. If everyone followed the same recipe in exactly the same way, wouldn’t food be boring? And the same goes with music!

Dr John Sharpley promises to bring you on a journey into Classical music as he explores the infinite interpretive possibilities of performed works.

This will be presented in the framework of 19th and 20th Century music.

There will also be live performances and recitals by young aspiring musicians personally taught by Dr Sharpley. 

So who should attend? Anyone interested in music! A background in music is not required, just ears! However, if you are already a music-maker, this event will enrich and deepen your musical experiences. As food is necessary for the body, music is for the soul!


• Learn how to listen to and interpret music in ways you never did
• Live performances by young gifted musicians
• Demystifying classical music – from the 19th to 20th Century
• A chance to interact with Dr Sharpley himself

Simply visit http://inspired.epochtimes.today for registration. We look forward to seeing you on the July 21!




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