About Epoch Times, Singapore Edition

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We believe that the media has a social responsibility to inform and facilitate social harmony and progress. In 2000, our media was started by overseas Chinese in the United States to provide truthful news coverage of events in China, where previously only propaganda and censorship existed.

We also want to revive traditional cultures that have inculcated universally
good values that form the fabrics of a harmonious society. While technological and economic developments propel a country forward, good values in people makes a home out of a country.

Our first edition was in Chinese. The English edition followed in 2003. We now publish in 35 countries and 21 languages with our headquarters in Manhattan, New York.

Our Singapore office offer local readers ground-level insights and perspectives into global affairs. We provide engaging, quality news and feature content designed to enrich and inspire our readers’ lives.

Epoch Times and TheEpochTimes.com is your trusted, innovative and influential media organization. At our core are integrity and truthfulness in reporting – we give our Singapore readers the stories, news, and information that matter most.

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