The 5 Pillars of Art Appreciation

Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 499, Nov 21 – Dec 4, 2014)  By Howard Yu For The Epoch Times Do you recall the article, “How to Evaluate Good Art?” published in the 17 – 30 October 2014 issue of the Epoch Times? This article is a technical supplement to it. The five pillars of art appreciation are subject matter, form, colour, lines or brushstrokes, and composition….

How to Evaluate Good Art

Epoch Times, Singapore Edition (Issue 497, Oct 17 – Oct 30, 2014) By Howard Yu For the Epoch Times With the proliferation of myriad forms of “art” in modern society, how do we assess whether a piece of art is “good”? In other words, what constitutes a good work of art? Before we proceed to discuss this…